Terms & Conditions

Please read through our terms and conditions carefully.

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the time of the lesson either by text or phone call (leaving a voicemail if no reply) or the lesson fee will be charged.

All lessons need to be paid in advance as follows:
1 to 2 hours to be paid either by online payment the day before the lesson or paid in cash at the start of the lesson
Block bookings to be paid in full either by online payment at least by the day before the first lesson or full payment for the block booking at the start of the first lesson in cash.
Intensive courses need to be secured with a £100 deposit at the time of booking and the balance for the course is to be paid in full no later than 5 working days before the course begins
Any late payments will incur an additional 20% charge of the original cost up to an additional £50.

Road Safety
I reserve the right to cancel the lesson if the pupil is deemed to be unfit for driving due to alcohol, drugs or other medical reasons that may affect the safety of others.
I will assess honestly and fairly pupils’ abilities regarding their acquired levels of driving skills, knowledge, road safety, confidence and independence. I will not authorise the use of my car for a pupil to take their test if I feel they are not driving safely and at a ‘test ready’ standard.
I reserve the right to withdraw the use of my car for tests without notice should the pupil prove not to be up to test standard.

I cannot be held responsible for postponements of lessons due to weather conditions, illness or mechanical breakdown, nor for driving tests postponed by the Driving Vehicle and Standards Agency.